Conferencing modalities no longer function in Lync Server 2010, Lync Server 2013, or Skype for Business Server 2015 after you install Security Bulletin MS16-065

This problem occurs because an information disclosure vulnerability exists in the Transport Layer Security protocol and the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (TLS/SSL) as they are implemented in the encryption component of the Microsoft .NET Framework. An attacker who successfully exploits this vulnerability can decrypt encrypted TLS/SSL traffic.

Here is the resolutions... 

Gulab Prasad

Office 365 Analytics, Reporting and Operations with 4WARD365

So, you have been doing lot of successful Office 365 migration from On-Premises Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint Servers etc. and I am sure all of them end up in successful migration and you client is happy too.

I have been doing lot of Office 365 migration since few years and its fun (especially when it’s Hybrid). Every time you migrate On-Premises users to Office 365 there will be request from the client for some kind of report on existing usage of Office 365, how many users are moved to Office 365, what time of users are they, delegations, what type of licenses users have been assigned etc. These questions are expected questions as you already know and you would have prepared yourself for these questions along with PowerShell Scripts.

Here are some of the scripts you prepared in advance as these will come as a question from the client.
  1. Report on License Per User.
  2. Report on License as per location.
  3. Report on License as which user is Using just Exchange Online and SharePoint.
  4. Report on Users using Office Online Pro and One Drive and Yammer.
  5. Report on Users Using Intune based on location.
The list can go on and on and on, now your customers wants these report to be emailed to the Admin and their managers too. Well which can be done just adding few lines in PowerShell.


What if there a tool, a web based tool available which can do all of these and more, more as not just reporting but management of your Office 365 environment and takes care of your everyday operations too.

4WARD365 does exactly the same and it has almost all the stack covered which runs in Office 365, Azure and CRM Online.
I have been exploring this tool and I found it way more useful and super easy to use than any other tool available in the market.

Reporting can be done at the granular level as granular as single license and user. 4WARD365 can report on every aspect of Office 365 features your organization is using. Here are some of the reports.
Mail Traffic Reports:

Yammer Reports:


In terms of management I can’t write everything here as what all you can manage. Check out the screenshot.

Audit can be done for Azure AD, Exchange, One Drive and SharePoint. Skype of Business is coming VERY SOON! Operation on Audit can be performed at numerous levels. Some of the examples below.

There are lot of other features are going to be added at the end of 2nd Q, those new features will be free and you don’t have to pay anything extra depending upon the subscription you are using.
4WARD365 can also be used to report and manage On Premises Active Directory and Exchange Servers.

Note: 4WARD365 supports SSO.

Gulab Prasad

Active Directory Discovery Scripts

Active Directory Discovery Scripts will get you the report from your existing environment.
These scripts include list of below application/technologies.

Windows PowerShell 2.0
Administrator Rights
Execution Policy Requirement: Remote Signed, run it from Windows Server 2008 for best result. 

Download from here

Courtesy: Bill Sawyer, Scott Link and Burris Walker

Gulab Prasad

Lync Server 2010 and 2013 Migration to Skype for Business 2015

Lync Server 2010 and 2013 Migration to Skype for Business 2015. Download the Deployment and Upgrading to Skype for Business Server 2015 from here

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